1.    It’s almost that time again… The Lucky Rabbit market weekend is just over a week away. This market is going to be a pretty interesting one because not only will we be bringing in new goodies for our local friends, but we’ll also be participating in Collins’ Okatoma Festival that Saturday!

       The Okatoma Festival is something we’ve always wanted to be a part of and we’re so excited to finally be one of the 115 vendors! We’re a little nervous since this is so much bigger (and further from home) than anything we’ve ever been a part of but we think it will be refreshing to see some new faces.

       We’ll be missing our Hattiesburg and Laurel friends, though. Maybe some of you can make the drive to come hang out with us :)

    Saturday, May 4.
    9 am-10pm
    Downtown Collins, MS.

    Happy Thursday from Haley&Kayla of
    The Fancy Fox

  2.    Hello, friends. We are so lucky to have secured a place for ourselves at The Lucky Rabbit. It’s such a fun and quirky environment, making it a perfect home for The Fancy Fox! As promised, we’re giving you guys a more in-depth look at what the Rabbit is about:

       The Lucky Rabbit is located at 416 East Pine St. right in downtown Hattiesburg. As soon as you’ve crossed the railroad tracks and our neighbors at The Calico Mall, you’ll see the cute little Rabbit sign that hangs above the windows! On a normal Saturday, you’ll be able to enjoy live music while sipping on locally brewed beer from Hattiesburg’s new breweries or munching on tasty kettle corn from Sweet Daddy’s. Once inside, you’re invited to grab a basket to hold all of your found treasures or check out the Lucky Rabbit Shoppe where you’ll find exclusive TLR merchandise for both guys and gals! Once you find your way to the main floor, there is no limit to the amazing odds and ends you’ll find here. Everything from handmade jewelry to baked goodies, tons of vintage clothing, home antiques and some pretty incredible local art (including these fantastic owls done by Hattiesburg’s own Jason Leviere of Clique Boutique and TWELVE OAKS Accessory Garden, exclusively for The Lucky Rabbit!). And of course, you’ll find The Fancy Fox’s booth, filled with handmade pretties that are perfect for spring and some of our own “Lucky Rabbit Exclusive” pieces. Let the kids have some fun in the kid’s corner where they can do neat arts and crafts projects while you shop. When it’s time to go, head up to the register (which is set up on a handmade table filled with “lucky pennies”- how cool is that?!) where some of the artists featured here will be stationed to help you make your final purchases. 

         And if one weekend just isn’t enough Rabbit for you, you can sign up for some weekly classes, workshops, and community events scheduled to take place there, such as the swing dance class taking place now!

        It really is hard to explain the true awesomeness of this place in a brief post, though, so we highly recommend you go check it out for yourself. Even if you don’t find anything there you want to take home (though we really doubt that will be the case!) the environment and crowd The Lucky Rabbit is bringing to downtown is too fun to miss out on!

         And with that being said, we invite you to come hang out with us Tomorrow at 1pm for the Spring Artwalk Sale or May 2-5th for our next market weekend! 

    Hope to see you there!

    -Haley & Kayla of The Fancy Fox

    *PS, don’t forget to click the photos to view them full-size!

  3.  Things have been pretty quiet here at TFF blog. We admit that we haven’t exactly stayed on top of our blogging plans the way we intended to but with so much going on in our personal lives (school, work, and plans for our summer trip to London!) as well as all of the exciting things The Fancy Fox has gotten us into over the past few months, we’ve gotten sidetracked and our lonely little blog has been left on the back burner. But we have been working super hard on getting ourselves organized both mentally and physically in hopes of branching out and supplying you, our amazing fans and customers, with more regular updates in the process. We sincerely apologize to anyone who was let down in any way by our lack of consistency with the blog, as well as updates everywhere else, but we hope you can understand and forgive us because we have been working on some truly amazing things for all of you!

     So now, without further adieu, here’s the biz:

    We recently signed on as a vendor at Hattiesburg’s newest market, The Lucky Rabbit (located downtown just past the Calico Mall) and I don’t think we could have asked for a more perfect place to call home for TFF. TLR currently houses twelve amazing vendors from the Hattiesburg area, offering everything from vintage clothing to fresh-baked treats, antique home goods, and more. The Lucky Rabbit’s market where you can purchase all of these great items is open the first Thursday-Sunday of every month but in the meantime, TLR will be hosting regular art and dance classes, craft and hobby workshops for kids and tons of fun community events throughout each month. Be sure to check it out, or give them a like on Facebook to keep up with everything to come. 

    You can check out some of the merchandise we’re featuring there on our storefront but we have some special “Lucky Rabbit Exclusive” items that can only be found there, so be sure to drop by during the next market!

    So much appreciation and love to every one of you for sticking with us, we can’t wait to see you all soon!


    Next up: an insider’s look at The Lucky Rabbit market weekend!


  4. Shop Update

     The Holiday Season is finally in full swing and that hasn’t gone unnoticed for us. In fact, we’ve been working hard on some holiday-themed goodies that we were very happy to unveil at this past weekend’s Holiday Art Walk hosted by Click Boutique! Luckily, we still have lots of precious treats available in our shop (which is undergoing a bit of an update!), and it’s not too late to get yours! 

    Custom orders will be accepted until Monday, December 17 and the last day to order and receive your items on/before Christmas will be Wednesday, December 19!

    Thanks for all of the support, and Happy Holidays!



  5. Loblolly Festival Tomorrow!

    Hey guys! 

    Just a little reminder that we will be at Loblolly Festival in Downtown Laurel tomorrow! Our booth will be in front of the Courthouse, so please come stop by and say hi! We’re really excited to have two brand new lines out and, of course, some old favorites. 

    Loblolly is always one of our favorite festivals to be a part of and this year is no different. So, please bring all of your friends for a good October Saturday afternoon!

    See ya there!


    Kayla and Haley 


  6. Fancy: Three Ways!

    Our first new feature post that we’d like to share with you is… “Fancy: Three Ways” where we will show you multiple ways to wear one of our newest products! For our first F:3W post, we chose the Madeline Bow Tie Clip in Red Satin!

    Look Number One:

    This is probably the most straightforward (and cute) way to wear the Madeline clip- as a bow tie! I just really love how bow ties look on loose fitting button up shirts.

    Look Number Two:

    For this second look, I used the bow tie clip as a brooch, which can really spruce up a boring top or, in this case, make your fancy blazer even fancier! This is great for people who aren’t really comfortable making such a bold statement with a bow tie.

    Look Number Three:

    This last look is super fun. I used it as a clip again, this time attaching to one of my favorite knit hats. This is so cute and great for fall, paired with a comfy cardigan and leather boots.

    So, there you have it! Three super easy and simple ways to wear one of our Madeline Bow Tie Clips. I hope you’ve enjoyed our very first “Fancy: Three Ways” post and remember, the Madeline clips will be available exclusively at this year’s Loblolly Festival (Sat. October 6). 

    Stay Fancy!
    Love, Kayla 

  7. The Fancy Fox Fall Campaign 2012, Part Two, courtesy of Daniel and Steph Photography & Film.

    -Don’t forget to click the photos to view as a slideshow or check out the official look book-

    We’re so pumped to share this Fall’s look book with you and debut all of the pretty goodies up for grabs at this year’s Loblolly Festival (October 6, 9am-6pm, Downtown Laurel)

    We’ve got a few more great posts coming up between now and then featuring some of our new creations, we can’t wait to share it with you!

    Huge thanks to the amazing photographers who made this campaign happen, and our stunning models: Katie, Brentley, Haley E. & Haley B.!

    Let us know what you think and visit us again soon for more updates.

    Have a super Fancy weekend,
    love Kayla & Haley 

    Products (from top to bottom): Foliage headband, Rust, $8 - Crocheted Turban, Rust, $15 - Infinity Scarf, Grey Chevron, $12 - Infinity Scarf, , $12 - Sparkle Collar, Gold, $12 - Scalloped Collar, White Velvet, $12 - Secret Garden Floral Crown, Yellow, - The Madeline Bow Tie Clip, Black velvet, $10 - Madeline Bow Tie Clip, Red satin, $10 - Sadie Bow, Mustard & Lace, $8 - Infinity Scarf, Blue & Lace, $15 - Sadie Bow, Galaxy, $8 

    *All products listed will be available exclusively at this year’s Loblolly Festival in Downtown Laurel, Saturday October 6, 9am-6pm.

  8. The Fancy Fox Fall 2012 Campaign, Courtesy of Daniel and Steph Photography & FilmPart One

  9. Here’s a sneak peek at The Fancy Fox Fall 2012 Campaign, courtesy of Daniel and Steph Photography

    We have lots of new things in the works here, including the full campaign reveal this Saturday and some fun new feature posts that will be debuted soon! These will be exclusive The Fancy Fox Blog features that you’ll only find here so stay tuned.

    Have a very Fancy Thursday!
    Love, Kayla & Haley 


  10. Welcome to The Fancy Fox Blog!

    The Fancy Fox is a handmade company based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi that specializes in one-of-a-kind dresses and accessories. Since being founded one year ago, The Fancy Fox has been very successful at local festivals and events, as well as being featured in stores such as Click Boutique & Gallery and Dolce La Vita and designing for Daniel & Steph Photography. We’re so proud of all the success we’ve seen already (none of which would be possible without our amazing fans and customers!) and look forward to seeing what the future will bring.

    Our aim with The Fancy Fox blog is to give our customers, old and new, better updates and insight on all things Fancy, and we hope this blog will give us a chance to connect with you all in a whole new way. There are lots of exciting things coming soon, we’d be delighted to have you stick around and watch it all unravel with us!

    Facebook // Twitter // Shop

    Meet the team:

    Hi! My name is Kayla Gates and I am the “founder,” owner, and designer here at The Fancy Fox!

    So many amazing things have happened since The Fancy Fox was first introduced to the world in 2011, and I am so excited that I can now share with all of you the story of The Fancy Fox and for you to be involved with its future. Seriously, this is a dream come true.
    Besides constantly hand-making goodies for all of you, on a normal day you will probably catch me reading from my always growing “books I have to read” list, trying out a new recipe, or - my newest hobby - learning French. Bonjour!

    Thank you all so much for taking a few minutes of your day to read this, I hope this blog will become one you look forward to reading! xoxo
    Twitter // Pinterest // Instagram: @thecraftykayla
    Hello, I’m Haley Ford, The Fancy Fox’s new design assistant! I’m so pleased to be working with such a unique and forward-moving company, and I hope all of my hard work here will be pleasing to you, too! 
    I’m a full-time student, part-time lover of books, coffee and shoes I can’t afford. Other interests include pizza, large stacks of fashion magazines, frequent haircuts and, of course, writing/designing for The Fancy Fox.
    Thanks for reading a bit about me, let’s be friends!     Twitter // Pinterest